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  Yoga Retreats at Lotus Ibiza


Yoga is a great way to support your cleanse because it works on many levels. Apart from massaging the internal organs, yoga is a great mental purifier, taking you to deep states of relaxation. Classes are suitable for all levels, even for those who’ve never done yoga before.

Our retreats


May 25th - June 1st 2014 (full)

June 1st - 8th

September 21st - 28th

September 28th -October 5th

mums yoga retreat


June 8th - 14th

Detox and Yoga Retreat

for Busy Peeps



A retreat is where we create the ideal conditions for a more profound practice of yoga and meditation. Detained for a few days from the usual routine we have more time for reflection and to develop conscious attention. Under these conditions we can come into contact with ourselves, we are sensitive to other people and the environment. Our retreats explore yoga in a natural and quiet setting. They are ideal for people new to yoga or those already experienced. Retreats can be a routine of yoga, meditation, discussion groups, chat, leisure and other activities.
It’s not about how flexible you are or who can touch their toes (no one can ‘win’ at this). Yoga is all about getting in touch with who you are and what your body needs. It’s very personal and individual. Where is your comfort zone? Where can you stretch a little deeper? It’s about how you feel during class, not to mention how amazing you feel after class. How that sunset is more spectacular, the food tastes better and your mood has just lifted. Yoga refines the senses and heightens your awareness.

Apart from yoga classes you will have plenty of free time to take advantage of other activities such as:

  • Cycling in the beautiful Ibicencan countryside
  • Swimming in the villa’s pool or in the pristine waters of the sea
  • Walking at your leisure
  • Hiking vigorously
  • Fun boat trips
  • Wellness and spa treatments at Atzaro Spa (within walking distance)
  • Indulging in massages

Or just hang out at the villa, relaxing, reading and having a little Spanish afternoon siesta.


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